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Bookings- Mobile Zoo

You can also book us for school talks, parties, corporate events and so on. We have been doing events for over 20 years and have all the relevant paperwork required. Send us a email for prices along with all your details. 
We offer bespoke courses, lessons based upon the current curriculum with qualifications to match. We bring no less than 20 animals to each booking and we do not click watch. We are the cheapest for what we offer and have thousands if happy customers we can offer as references.
Our way of teaching is about being informative but fun. Our animals are all vet checked ,approved and we are fully licenced and insured.

So don't  delay, you won't be disappointed.

As of 2016 we no longer use IAS animals as any form of commercial purposes or such. 

Contact us for the best value encounters, bespoke options, courses and experiences also can be purchased. Visit our fb page for more details


1. Payment must be made no less than 7 days prior to the event.

2. A deposit of 50% is needed to secure a booking.

3. Unless payment is made in full then we will not attend any booked events ( unless prior arranged). In the event of a prior arranged booking to be paid after the service is provided, payment must be made within 30 days or a 20% late fee payment will be applied.

4. If a booking is made then a verbal agreement has been reached, if a deposit is not made then  after the booking date has reached there will be a cancellation applied. For  schools £50 AND 30% of the total BOOKING fee for all other booking types .

5. A site check will be done before attending and a risk assessment will be conducted. If it does not meet with our current risk assessment on the day of the event, then unless changes are immediately made then we will leave the venue.

6. In the event we can not make the event due to unforeseen reasons then we will offer a full refund.

7. If the event is cancelled then we can not offer a refund. If details are not given 24 hours prior to the booking and we can't locate venue/site then no refund will be given due to being out of pocket ourselves.

8. In the event a particular animal can not attend , it will be replaced by something equally suitable.

9. If at any point we feel the animals welfare is suffering , we will remove them off display or leave the event without a refund.

10. Should the venue time change or the venue change in under 5 hours then we will not be able to commit and thus will be treated as a cancellation.

11. Should any of our equipment be damaged or animals harmed by event organisations then we will require reimbursement from those who booked us.

Bookings/Encounters : Welcome
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