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Educating by Inspiring through excitment

Along with having teaching degrees, we are DBS checked for both children and vulnerable adults, we hold valid animal preforming licences, risk assessments, first aid and insurance. Our vocational teachings are as unconventional as they are practical. We cover the national curriculum but we engage children’s focus in ways which they take in information in a much more exciting way.
A perfect example is when learning about the Great War, we offer children the chance to encounter pigeons, they can write messages on paper about their hopes and desires, and it is attached to the pigeons and released into the air, just like soldiers would in the First World War. This way they can relate to what is happening and actually enjoy learning. We also do much more advance learning in colleges and such, and offer AQA courses and so on. So from 1st and 2nd schools, right up to colleges, our centre can cater for all, including work we do with special need adults and service users. We have a large volume of educational tools and props.
So be it 5 year old children learning about mini-beats, or 18 year old students learning about primate diets and animal care management, we can cater for all.
We also run a wild time after schools club too for children between 5-16.
If you would like any more information then please get in contact with us.

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