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A little about The Unconventional Menagerie

Why be conventional....

Our website is still new so please bear with us, however while we believe the internet is a vital source for customers, we are firm believers that nothing can beat face to face socializing. So be it an animal you wish to purchase or simply have a look around with a coffee and a chat then feel free to come and see us. we sttarted out in Hanley but as we grew we moved to Longton.
Our Huge Centre is not only the biggest in the UK but home to over 2000 animals and we stock a range of over 500 animal products, and we can order in much more. So from exotic rare animals to domestic common stuff, you will find it all here. We also build purpose made enclosures for your animals at affordable prices. With over 70 years’ experience between us all, we hope to help.
We are a group of friends who all have different strengths and weaknesses, we have all worked and dealt with animals for most of our lives, some of us have worked in the trade, breeding animals, being the animal man for schools, even writing about them. We felt the hobby had become like a conflict in many ways that the community feeling was not what it used to be and as a result many keepers that are looking for advice can be turned away due to elitist views. We thought maybe we could try and offer healthy high quality animals to the public, but also a friendly environment to socialize and make new friends that share similar views and interests.
We wanted to offer animals that people could see in person before buying rather than having something sent to their due via the internet, however we also wanted to be able to meet the keeper before selling an amazing creature to them. The welfare is always our first priority for us.
So with us all sharing the same views of what we wanted, we decided to work out a plan on how we could make this happen. With us also going to organisations to teach about animals, we thought rather than just opening up a pet shop, we would open up an educational centre attached to it. You see we aren’t trying to sell you dry stock or a pet, we are selling you a life changing experience.

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