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Our live stock, Your future pets.

We stock pretty much any animal you could wish to own, we are even licensed to sell farm animals such as micro pigs and goats, along with DWA listed animals. Not everything listed here are animals that we sell to the general public. We also do home checks on certain animals .


Reptiles,Phibs and Inverts

Birds and Fish

Mammals- Big and small

Our Herpetile section of the shop consists of over 50 purpose built vivariums, glass tanks.tortoise tables and plastic terrariums , along with ponds too. We have a huge selection of snakes, lizards, tortoises and turtles. We also have a variety of amphibians and invertebrates too. You may notice at the front of the shop is our dedicated area for our venomous snakes too. All of animals have access to UV lighting, not just heat like many other shops.

We have multiple custom built aviaries and cages to accommodate our variety of birds. These consist of everything from rheas to birds of prey, from parrots and ravens to budgies and chickens.

Our fish section has 20 aquariums stocked with the finest imported and UK bred quality you can find. We deal in cold water, tropical and marine. We can also source aquatic creatures too from inverts to amphibians

Our mammal section is one of the most impressive parts of our shop. It consists of custom built enclosures , each with there own thermostatic heating and lighting. We have purpose built metal aviaries and walk in enclosures. On top of this we have 24 rodents enclosures , multiple wood structures and steel cages which all house some of our smaller animal species from rabbits and mice. 

while we can get unusual animals in from UK breeders, we do home check animals first and we also do NOT SELL animals like meerkats, monkeys or such . Often the animals you may see at our place are rescues that we have took on via our rescue.

We have much more for sale than what is on site in the shop, plus feel free to ask if you would like us to get anything in stock for you.

It should be made clear that not everything you see in the shop will be for sale. We do hold the right to refuse to sell to anyone under the age of 16, we also will refuse to sell if we feel the animal does not suit your life style. We may ask many questions prior to purchasing some animals from us, this is simply to make sure you can offer them the correct care. Some of our more exotic and rare animals will require a home check before we can sell them to you.

LIVE STOCK: Your Services
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