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Holiday care

We understand that holidays are a worrying time for pet owners. Who will look after your beloved animal. Do you leave it with a family member or neighbour who has no idea about there needs. Maybe your having a stay in hospital and need the worry gone? 
What ever the reason we have you covered.Our centre can accommodate almost any of your pets ( except cats or dogs ). And we are the cheapest in the UK for it. Even DWA animals are welcome.
Message us for more details.



• Holiday fees are charged from the date the animal is dropped off until the date it is collected 

• You have 3 days after the final agreed date before we will begin to applying a £5 per day charge onto the animal's stay. If after 20 days you have not made contact with us then we reserve the right to keep the animal unless payment is made in full.

• After 35 days we reserve the right to sell on the animal if no contact is made 

• We may take animals in off you for a range of reasons such as non feeders. This is free if the animal was originally purchased from us and within the 30 day period. However If you do not collect the animal back upon the agreed time scale then a £3 charge will be added per day, along with a daily feeding allowance of 50p.

• Should the animal die whilst on holiday care and there is no reason for it to be considered our fault then we can not offer any reimbursement 

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